The tales of our little French car are set in France and England in the 1980’s.
Ms. Deuzy is a 1985 “Charleston” model 2CV manufactured at the Citroën factory in Levallois outside of Paris. We fell in love with her on our travels in 2012 and brought her back from Belgium to live with us in North Carolina. 

Ms. Deuzy is a real character on four wheels who talks to Luc and her animal and automobile friends. So, in these stories, we will give her the ample opportunity to meet exciting and fun folks and go to exciting places. 

This first volume, 5 years in the making, take her from the factory in Levallois, to a showroom in Paris and then home to a premier flower shop in Paris. Then on to a trip on the Seine, the Tour de France and finally a trip to the countryside that she loves so dearly. The book is a doorway for young and old to enter the world of our amazing Ms. Deuzy!


And our second book "The Little French Car at the Farm" is in production now, so do stay tuned.

The Little French Car in Paris

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