About our translation teams

Our teams are an exceptional group of translators and editors who are highly experienced in their fields and have shown a real love for our story of The Little French Car.

Our Spanish team:

Selene Follonier - translator
Gimena del Ibarra - editor


Apart from collaborating with Rancho Park Publishing, Gimena has worked for many years as a freelance interpreter and, more recently, as a project manager, and quality assurance manager.

Selene, on her part, has dedicated herself to working as a freelance translator, editor, and quality assurance manager for several translation agencies, especially in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, and education.

If you want to find out more about their background and current projects, you can find them on LinkedIn.

Gimena de Ibarra: https://bit.ly/3cMdaLr

Selene Follonier: http://bit.ly/2cdHbJ7

Our French team:

Manuel Huygen - translator
Barbel Besseyre - editor

After language studies (English & German) at Amiens University in the North of France, he chose to take administrative competitions to work as a librarian. He worked a few years in Troyes (Champagne region), then relocated to Rennes, Brittany, where he has been working ever since. His interests go to fiction, non-fiction, music and more and more children’s literature, as a happy father.
You can discover his work here: https://www.polybri.com/